About us

Our goal is to provide actionable, evidence-based information on the best ways to care for your pet rabbit.

We know that adopting a pet is a great responsibility. You’ll have questions, and we’re here to be the go-to resource for answers you can trust about rabbit keeping.

We want to see your rabbit have the happiest, healthiest life possible and to help you develop a deep, bonded relationship with your bunny.


We’re motivated by the joy we experience when we play with our own rabbits. There’s nothing so calming as watching a flopped-over bunny lazily lick its paws. There’s nothing so hilarious as watching an energetic rabbit binky-jump off the walls. We want everyone to experience the delight of rabbit companionship.

But we’re also motivated by frustration at how often the public misunderstands rabbits and promotes myths about them.

We believe that rabbits, while fuzzy and adorable, shouldn’t be treated like cute stuffed animals. They aren’t playthings. They are living creatures that deserve the best of care.

And that care is unique. Rabbits are distinct from other animals commonly kept as pets. They’re actually not rodents, and they have totally different housing, feeding, and relational needs than cats and dogs.

We found that other pet websites tend to offer generalized care recommendations that don’t serve rabbits’ best interests. Rabbits are hardy critters, and they can survive sub-standard care, but no one would want that for their pet.

So we’re here to bring you advice on the truly best methods for feeding, housing, grooming, and handling your rabbit.

Every one of our contributors has spent many years caring for, rescuing, or raising rabbits. We have a qualified veterinarian on our team. We strive to bring you reliable rabbit care information that’s both fact-checked and easy to understand.

 We don’t want to tell you what to do; we want to help you understand your rabbit’s needs and make the best, well-informed decisions for its future.

Our Team of Expert Writers

Dr. Kathryn Rosalie Dench

Kate qualified from Cambridge University Veterinary School in the UK in 2007. She has extensive experience in the medical care of pet species, from dogs and cats to chickens and chameleons – but rabbits have always held a special place in her heart! 

Having grown up with house rabbits, Kate learned from an early age that these cute creatures could be so much more than a kids’ pet in a hutch in the yard – and that, when given the opportunity to express themselves, rabbits let their unique personalities shine through.

Within her veterinary career, Kate has a special interest in animal welfare and applying her experience to improve the lives of pets and other animals. She has also worked as a veterinarian at an orangutan rehabilitation center in Borneo, where she helped her colleagues compile their clinical data to research and better understand how contagious disease spreads in these endangered primates – and what they can do to protect them. She continues to act as a voluntary Veterinary Advisor to several orangutan rescue charities.

Kate’s days are taken up managing her own menagerie at home, and in her spare time, she writes and reviews pet advice content to ensure that owners are receiving the best possible information on how to care for their pets.

Ellyn Eddy

Ellyn got her first rabbit in 2001 when she asked her mom for a horse. Although initially disappointed, Ellyn quickly discovered that “Biscuit” was the best worst-Christmas-present ever.

She dove head-first into reading everything she could about rabbit care and soon began to write about rabbits as well.

In middle school, Ellyn started a rabbit club and published a monthly newsletter; by high school, she had written four complete rabbit books. Her book on rabbit genetics, “About Bunny Colors,” has sold over 11,000 copies.

Now Ellyn is a full-time content writer for various pet-related websites, but rabbits will always be her favorite topic. She loves watching concerned new rabbit owners turn into confident, excited bunny lovers when equipped with solid rabbit care information.

Ellyn has taken care of over 70 different bunnies in her life but currently shares her home with a Mini Rex named Waldorf and a Satin named Sage. She also enjoys hiking, birding, and plant care.

Ann-Marie D’Arcy-Sharpe

Ann-Marie has loved animals since she was a child. When she was old enough, she eagerly went to college to study animal care. She has two animal care qualifications. Ann-Marie has worked with and studied a lot of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, farm animals, and exotics. Of course, rabbits are one of her favorites!

When she became disabled, Ann-Marie decided to combine her love of animals with her other passion: writing! She writes about human health and animals for a variety of websites, always trying to help others with her work.

Andrea Stefanovic

Andrea is a freelance marketing manager at Fuzzy Rabbit. Andrea comes to us with an array of expertise in marketing and a heart that beats for all creatures great and small.

Although Andrea doesn’t have a rabbit of her own, she shares her life with a menagerie that includes two dogs, a cat, and a guinea pig. She often jokes that her household is a living sitcom, with the gang constantly plotting their next big caper, which usually involves stealing a snack or two.

In her free time, Andrea can be found with her nose buried in her latest fantasy novel, whisking her away to far-off lands filled with dragons, enchanted forests, and, of course, a bunny or two.